Sheldon Howard Jacobson, Ph.D.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Papers in Archival Journals


Applications of Operations Research

1.   Co, H.C., Jacobson, S.H., 1994, "The Kanban Assignment Problem in Serial Just-in-Time Production Systems,” IIE Transactions, 26(2), 76-85.

2.   Shyryayev, I., Jacobson, S.H., 2005, “A Sensitivity Analysis of Matching Coin Game Strategies," Mathematical and Computer Modelling, 41(6-7), 735-747.

3.   Kobza, J.E., Jacobson, S.H., Vaughan, D.E., 2007, “A Survey of the Coupon Collector’s Problem with Random Sample Sizes,” Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability, 9(4), 573-584.

4.   Sauppe, J. J., Morrison, D. R., Jacobson, S. H., 2015, "Assigning Panels to Meeting Rooms at the National Science Foundation," Interfaces, 45(6), 529-542.

Last Updated: 5 July 2016