Sheldon Howard Jacobson, Ph.D.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Papers in Archival Journals


Health Care Systems Engineering, Modeling, and Analysis

1.    Jacobson, S.H., Morrice, D.J., 1998, “A Mathematical Model for Assessing the Temporal Association Between Health Disorders and Medical Treatments,” Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 71(1/2), 209-228.

2.    Jun, J.B., Jacobson, S.H., Swisher, J.R., 1999, "Applications of Discrete Event Simulation in Health Care Clinics: A Survey," Journal of the Operational Research Society, 50(2), 109-123.

3.    Swisher, J.R., Jacobson, S.H., Jun, J., Balci, O., 2001, "Modeling and Analyzing a Physician Clinic Environment Using Discrete-Event (Visual) Simulation," Computers and Operations Research, 28(2), 105-125.

4.    Swisher, J.R., Jacobson, S.H., 2002, "Evaluating the Design Of a Family Practice Healthcare Clinic Using Discrete-Event Simulation," Health Care Management Science, 5(2), 75-88.

5.    Guo, J., Morrison, D.R., Jacobson, S.H., Jokela, J.A., 2014, “Complexity Results for the General Residency Scheduling Problem,” Journal of Scheduling, 17(3), 211-223.

Last Updated: 5 July 2022