Sheldon Howard Jacobson, Ph.D.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



In the News (2008 and earlier)


(December 16, 2008) News release by the University of Illinois New Bureau, quantifying the relationship between obesity and fuel consumption: With increasing obesity, fuel consumption becomes weighty matter

(November 2008) SIAM News: A Shot in the Arm for Integer Programming.

(October 2008) Managed Care Magazine: Web Site Provides Pediatric Vaccine Pricing.

(September 15, 2008) Who is going to win the 2008 United States Presidential Election? A Prediction Model for the United States Presidential Election (News Release).

(February 14, 2008) A Minute with Sheldon Jacobson: How can better pre-screening make airports safer?

(October 24, 2006) News release highlighting the impact of the obesity epidemic on fuel consumption:

Weight Gain of U.S. Drivers has Increased Nationís Fuel Consumption

(27 October 2006) Street Signs: Weighty Issue, CNBC.

(September 20, 2006) Feature Research Video (7 minutes; may take a few minutes to load):

Aviation Security: Researching the Risk

(September 20, 2006) News Research Video (3 minutes; may take a few minutes to load)

(April 24, 2006) Research video (14 minutes):

A Healthy Collaboration: Pediatric Immunization and Operations Research

(April 18, 2006) News release highlighting pediatric vaccine stockpile risk:

$1.5 billion needed to ensure 12-month stockpile of pediatric vaccines


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