Sheldon Howard Jacobson, Ph.D.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



In the News (2015)

(23 November 2015) “Pyke: Tips to make it easy as pie to escape this Thanksgiving” (Chicago Daily Herald) provides holiday tips from Sheldon H. Jacobson for maneuvering through aviation security during the holidays.

(2 November 2015) “What The Russian Crash Means For Aviation Security” on HuffPost Live featured commentary by Sheldon H. Jacobson.  See also (9 November 2015) “Experts: U.S. airports safe, but Egyptian breach may bring crackdown” (Chicago Daily Herald), (11 November 2015) TSA security lapses point to management, training failures, experts say” (Sinclair Broadcast Group: WJLA ABC-7 Washington DC, KUTV ABC-2 Salt Lake City UT).

(8 October 2015) “College campus outbreaks require timely public health response” in Infectious Diseases in Children quotes Sheldon H. Jacobson on the spread of mumps on college campuses.

(29 September 2015) Is backscatter X-ray a safe tool for airport security? A Minute Withä U. of I. airport security expert Sheldon H. Jacobson.

(2 June 2015) How Not To Fix Airport Screening” by Patrick Tucker, Defense One.  See also, “The One Right Way to Solve the TSA Crisis Is Politically Incorrect,” in the Fiscal Times.

(11 March 2015) A Method to March Madness:  A Minute WithTM Sheldon H. Jacobson, U. of I Statistics Expert.  See also,

·        How to pick a winning NCAA Bracket (YouTube, 11 March 2015),

·        NCAA Tournament 2015: Schedule, Picks, Tips for NCAA Bracket Success (Bleacher Report, 16 March 2015),

·        12 Tips to Ensure A March Madness Bracket Victory (Buzzfeed, 16 March 2015),

·        How to Build the Perfect NCAA Bracket (Men’s Health, 17 March 2015),

·        UI website uses 30 years experience for perfect brackets (CBS WCIA-TV3, 17 March 2015),

·        What to know: Facts, stats and nuggets about the 2015 NCAA tourney (CBS Sports, 17 March 2015).

(4,8 March 2015) Sheldon H. Jacobson’s research on obesity and its impact on fuel economy was quoted in the article “Obesity Is Hurting the U.S. Economy in Surprising Ways” in Bloomberg Business, and “Walking’s worth the (lack of) weight,” in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

(20 January 2015) Sheldon H. Jacobson was quoted in the article, “Child vaccines out of reach for developing countries, charity warns,” on CBC News Radio Canada.

(4 January 2015) Sheldon H. Jacobson is quoted in the article, “TSA seizes record number of guns from passengers in 2014” which appeared in the Washington Times.

Last Updated: 26 February 2016