Sheldon Howard Jacobson, Ph.D.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


In the News (2016)

(5 December 2016) Making TSA PreCheck free can save TSA millions: Report (Chicago Tribune; Mary Wisniewski) quotes a recent study by Sheldon H. Jacobson, Arash Khatibi, and Ge Yu, on why TSA PreCheck should be offered at no cost to high volume travels.  See also TSA could save money by waving PreCheck fees for frequent travelers, study finds, University of Illinois News Bureau (5 December 2016); TSA would save millions if PreCheck was free for all flyers, Illinois prof argues, Chicago Business Journal (5 December 2016); Study Finds making PreCheck free could save millions, CBS Radio WBBM, Chicago IL (5 December 2016); U of I study says TSA could save money by waiving PreCheck program fees, ABC 7 Eyewitness News, Chicago, IL (5 December 2016); Making TSA PreCheck free could save millions of dollars, study suggests, Los Angeles Times (5 December 2016); TSA should drop enrollment fee for PreCheck, Study finds, Consumer Affairs (5 December 2016); TSA Could Waive $85 PreCheck Fee and Save Millions, Vocative (6 December 2016); The Case for Making PreCheck Free, Smarter Travel (6 December 2016); There’s a Way to Cut TSA Lines and TSA Costs, Newser (6 December 2016); Eliminating TSA PreCheck Program Fee for Frequent Flyers Could Save Millions of Dollars: Study, Boarding Area: The Gate with Brian Cohen (6 December 2016); Study: Waiving TSA PreCheck Fee Could Save Taxpayers Millions, Flyer Talk: Jeff Edwards (6 December 2016); Give yourself a holiday Gift: TSA PreCheck, Chicago Tribune Editorial (8 December 2016); Free PreCheck would shorten queues, argue US Researchers, IHS Airport 360 (15 December 2016).

(29 November 2016) Wise After the Event, or Why Big Data Failed to Predict President-Elect Trump quotes Sheldon H. Jacobson on the limitations of forecasting based on data (Cyber Security Intelligence).

(28 November 2016) University startup correctly picks Trump, Brexit (Daily Illini) quotes Sheldon H. Jacobson on the strengths and limitations of polling on election forecasting.  See also  University project predicts Presidential election results (10 October 2016).

(10 November 2016) Polling Place; the final word… until 2018 (News Gazette, Champaign, IL).  See also (Polling Place: Clinton’s chances at 99% (8 November 2016); Polling Place: Clinton bending but shows no signs of breaking (4 November 2016);  Polling Place: Hillary’s Lead Shrinking (1 November 2016); UI Analytics: Clinton pushes Electoral College lead to 339-199 (25 October 2016); Polling Place: Hillary in Control (18 October 2016); Polling Place: Hillary Holding Steady (11 October 2016); Polling Place: Without Florida, Trump’s lost (4 October 2016); Polling Place: Clinton’s Lead Shrinking (20 September 2016); Polling Place: What to Make of 3rd-party Candidates (13 September 2016); Polling Place: Cracks in Clinton Quest Showing (6 September 2016); Polling Place: Your Election Analytics Check-in (30 August 2016); UI's Election Analytics website has Clinton winning comfortably -- for now (17 August 2016).

(9 November 2016) Yes, Big data did Triumph on Election day (Defense One) which appeared in Defense One (Patrick Tucker) quotes Sheldon H. Jacobson on how data impacted forecasting for the 2016 Presidential election.

(9 November 2016) Podcast: Election Analytics (WDWS-AM 1400 Radio, Champaign, IL).

(9 November 2016) This U of I Forecast had Clinton’s chances at 100%. What went wrong? (Chicago Inno).  See also How Chicago Tech can Help you Survive This Election (2 November 2016); Donald Trump has a 0% Chance of Winning the Election, According to U of I Computer Scientists (10 October 2016).

(9 November 2016) UI Pollster: ‘Once in a Lifetime’ Upset (News Gazette, Champaign, IL). 

(9 November 2016) Sheldon Jacobson U of I Non-Partisan Analytics talks Presidential Race (WCCU, Fox Illinois, Champaign, IL).  See also Professor and Students use Analytics to Predict Election (18 October 2016); U of I Analytics Show Trump is Gaining Momentum in Electoral College (19 August 2016).

(8 November 2016) Election Polls: U of I Analytics (WCIA-TV3, CBS, Champaign, IL).  See also Election Analytics) (7 November 2016); (Election Analytics: Clinton Likely Winner on Tuesday (2 November 2016);  UI Analytics: Presidential Race Tightens After Debate (27 September 2016); UI  Election Analytics Predicts President  (11 August 2016).

(4 November 2016) Gadget Daddy:  This poll is very right, or could be very wrong (The Ledger, Lakeland, FL).

(31 October 2016) Could bird or tire tread have triggered plane fire at O’Hare? quotes Sheldon H. Jacobson on travel risks (Chicago Daily Herald).

(19 October 2016) U Of I’s Election Analytics Predict Clinton Win, US Senate Up For Grabs (Illinois Public Media News, WILL-AM580, Urbana, IL).

(18 October 2016) This student election forecast gives Clinton a 100% chance of winning (USATODAY College).

(28 September 2016) Trump says Profiling has Protected Israel. It Probably Wouldn’t Work Here ( quotes Sheldon H. Jacobson on Israel security profiling and its impact in the United States.

(20 September 2016) Students Predict Who Will be the Next President (INFORMS: OR/Analytics at Work Blog)

(15 September 2016) Predicting the Election (WAND-TV, NBC, Decatur, IL).

(14 September 2016) Election Prediction and STEM (SIAM News Blog).

(11 September 2016) Dan Corkey: Why wait in line if you’re not the bad guy? (Opinion, News Gazette, Champaign, IL).

(30 June 2016) After Istanbul, Here’s How Airport Experts Want to Protect You at the Curbside which appeared in Defense One (Patrick Tucker) quotes Sheldon H. Jacobson on how security can be further hardened, in response to Jeh Johnson’s (DHS Secretary) call for more security vigilance at airports and other venues. See also How to Improve Airport Security in the Wake of the Istanbul Attack in the Fiscal Times (1 July 2016).

(25 June 2016) TSA PreCheck: Will it shorten security lines at airports? which appeared in the Christian Science Monitor (Lucy Schouten), quotes Sheldon H. Jacobson on the benefits of TSA PreCheck.

(25 May 2016) O’Hare middle of the pack for security fence breaches, which appeared in the Chicago Daily Herald (Marni Pyke) quotes Sheldon H. Jacobson on the Associated Press report discussing airport security fence breaches.

(24 May 2016) Flying local best way to avoid long TSA lines on WCIA-3 (CBS affiliate, Champaign, IL) quotes Sheldon H. Jacobson on long airport security lines.

(17 May 2016) What should be done about long delays for security checks at airports?: A Minute with Sheldon H. Jacobson, University of Illinois Airport Security Expert and Professor of Computer Science.

(28 March 2016) New study offers efficient alternative for Ebola screening program for travelers.  See Homeland Security News Wire, Medical News, Infection Control Today, Science Daily, Vaccine News Daily.

(23 March 2016) After Brussels, simply adding extra security won’t keep travelers safe, Invited Op-ed on Quartz.  See also DefenseOne, HotAir, Government Executive, Aspen Institute and Time (Five Best Ideas of the Day, 25 March 2016, #1).

(15 March 2016) I Let UIUC Computer Science Fill Out My March Madness Bracket, Chicagoinno.

(13 March 2016) Seven Tips for Crunching March Madness Math, Reuters (Chris Taylor).  See also Global Post, The Fiscal Times, Time, West Central Tribune.

(13 March 2016) The Proven Way to Pick a Successful March Madness Bracket, Men’s Health.

(13 March 2016) Need help with your NCAA bracket?. Kankakee Daily Journal, Kankakee Valley, Illinois.

(12 March 2016) Professor takes an analytical approach to Madness. Kankakee Daily Journal, Kankakee Valley, Illinois.

(9 March 2016) How to improve your chances for a perfect March Madness. A Minute with Sheldon H. Jacobson, University of Illinois Professor of Computer Science.

(3 March 2016) Method to the Madness: The Best Way to Fill Out Your NCAA Bracket, Men’s Fitness, March 2016 Issue.

(22 February 2016) Elections: Analytics and Beyond. Editor’s cut by INFORMS. Edited by Sheldon H. Jacobson and Jason J. Sauppe.

(8 January 2016) Why you should factor driving into your weight loss plan. A Minute With University of Illinois data expert Sheldon H. Jacobson.  See also Why you should put driving into your weight loss plan, Knowridge Science Report (21 January 2017).


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