Sheldon Howard Jacobson Ph.D.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


In the News (2018)

(25 September 2018) So Many Cars: Why American Life Expectancy Falls Short (Mises Wire, Ryan McMaken) cites Sheldon H. Jacobson’s research on the association between obesity and automobile use.

(28 June 2018) Suspect who rushed Delta plane on tarmac yelled “I’m going to blow this pace’” Police Report,  (WXIA-TV 11Alive, NBC, Atlanta, GA) reports commentary by Sheldon H. Jacobson on airport perimeter security breaches.

(25 April 2018) Letter: Human error still a part of self-driving cars, which appeared in USAToday (page 5A), discusses how self-driving cars remain subject to human error, through compliance with the framework under which they must operate.

(16 April 2018) Local firm Stats bets big on artificial intelligence to gather sports data (Chicago Tribune, Ally Marotti) reports commentary by Sheldon H. Jacobson on how artificial intelligence is impacting the value of sports data.

(3 April 2018) Technology holds the key to redistricting reform (Houston Chronicle, Jay K. Aiyer (opinion)) draws on research by Sheldon H. Jacobson to argue that artificial intelligence and algorithms can help solve the problem of gerrymandering in drawing political boundaries.

(12 March 2018)  Science of Upsets: Prof has formula that doubles your shot (Associated Press, Eddie Pells) appeared in numerous media outlets, both on-line and in print, including the New York Times, Washington Post, ESPN, USAToday, FoxSports, and ABC News.  See also That smarts: Buffalo makes the computer look brilliant (16 March 2017, Associated Press, Eddie Pells), NCAA tournament Winners and Loser: TruTV, Sister Jean, Thomas Jefferson and more (19 March 2018, Chicago Tribune, Teddy Greenstein, Phil Rosenthal and Tim Bannon), and Using machine learning in basketball brackets and beyond (Cisco News, Stephanie Chan).

(12 March 2018)  March Madness: Analytics are making picking winning brackets easier (USAToday, AJ Perez).


(12 March 2018)  March Madness and Bracketology: Cheryl Raye Stout vs The Machine (WBEZ Chicago Public Radio, Morning Shift with Tony Saraiba). See also Whose NCAA Bracket Did Better: Cheryl Raye Stout vs The Machine (3 April 2018, WBEZ Chicago Public Radio, Morning Shift with Tony Saraiba).


(12 March 2018) NCAA Basketball: 2018 March Madness schedule, bracket – and how to win a tournament pool as a newbie (Mic, James Dennin).


(9 March 2018)  Interview on ESPN Radio 93.5 with Sheldon H Jacobson discussing the NCAA Tournament field selection, bracket-building, and other tournament topics (Jeremy Werner Show, begins at 27:30).


(7 March 2018) March Madness Upset Prediction: New Method Using Publicly Available Statistics Outperforms Other Techniques released by the American Statistical Association, based on the paper Identifying NCAA Tournament Upsets using Balance Optimization Subset Selection,” published in Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sport  (Volume 13(2), pages 79-93.)  See also Saturday Science Edition (10 March 2018, The Daily Kos, Chitown Kev).

(5 March 2018) Who makes the NCAA tournament? Researchers at the University of Illinois can help, based on the paper “Modeling the NCAA basketball tournament selection process using a decision tree” published in the Journal of Sports Analytics (Volume 4, pages 65-71).  See also Will your team make or miss the NCAA Tournament? New study may already have the answer (8 March 2018, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, Columbus, GA, Jordan D. Hill).

(1 March 2018) If US states cannot fund their universities, they must stand aside, which appeared in Times Higher Education, discusses the plight of public research universities and offers two solutions,privatization or nationally funded consortia.  

(30 January 2018) DHS’s New Plan for Refugee Screening Looks a Lot Like TSA PreCheck (Patrick Tucker, Defense One) reports commentary by Sheldon H. Jacobson on how immigration screening can be conducted using a program modeled after TSA PreCheck©.

(11 January 2018) “Une conseil: en cas de tempete ne utilisez pas l’aeroporte JFK” (Maxime Aubin, French Morning (New York)) reports commentary by Sheldon H. Jacobson on the cause of the bomb cyclone that struck New York JFK Airport.


Last Updated: 28 December 2018