Sheldon Howard Jacobson Ph.D.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


In the News (2019)

(12 November 2019) “Op-Ed: Eyes on Detroit as airport seeks to attract non-flyers,” published by Sheldon H. Jacobson on Runway Girl Network.


(30 October  2019) Op-ed, “is my ‘real ID’ a REAL ID?published by Sheldon H. Jacobson on the American Thinker.


(22 August 2019) Op-ed, “Data Dispels Two Commons Myths about Mass Killingspublished by Sheldon H. Jacobson on the Morning Consult.  


(17 August 2019) “Are Mass Shootings Becoming More Common?” quotes Sheldon H. Jacobson’s research on trends in mass killings in the United States (Anthony Lopez, Psychology Today).


(6 August 2019) Op-ed, “Ebola: Here we go againpublished by Sheldon H. Jacobson in the Washington Times.  See also Data Expert: A Better Way to Stop the Ebola Virus (New York Post, 9 August 2019).


(6 August 2019, Cleveland Daily Banner (TN), Tim Siniard), TRAFFIC! Walkable, bikeable cities becoming future options quotes Sheldon H. Jacobson’s research associating public transit usage with lower obesity rates.


(9 July 2019, Coastal Daybreak with Ben Ball, WTKF FM107, Morehead City, NC) Interview with Sheldon H. Jacobson on the Supreme Court opinion on gerrymandering and how algorithms can be used to address the problem.


(20 June 2019) Op-ed, This Isn’t How it Was Supposed to Work: Has PreCheck become Unchecked?” published by Sheldon H. Jacobson on RealClearDefense.


(9 May 2019, Consumer Affairs, Kristen Dalli),Rural areas see increases in obesity rates quotes Sheldon H. Jacobson’s research associating public transit usage with lower obesity rates, identifying the lack of public transportation in rural areas.


(9 April 2019, Washington Post, Kery Merakami) “Should we embrace Metro’s broken escalators for keeping us in shape?” quotes Sheldon H. Jacobson’s research associating public transit usage with lower obesity rates.


(8 April 2019, Trishala Bhagat, Daily Illini) “Illinois professor improves airport security systems” discusses Sheldon H. Jacobson’s contribution to aviation risk-based security.


(3 April 2019, Michael Locklear, CBS 2 KUTV, Salt Lake City, UT) “Airport officials, TSA to talk prevention following security breach, attack” quote Sheldon H. Jacobson on security breach at Salt Lake City International airport.


(26 March 2019, Kevin Stankiewicz, Columbus Dispatch) “The Columbus man behind the last remaining perfect NCAA bracket” quoted Sheldon H. Jacobson on the likelihood of the remaining games also being correct.


(20 March 2019) "Illinois professor creates women’s NCAA Tournament simulator," (Doug Feinberg, Associated Press) features the Women’s Basketball tournament simulator launched at bracketodds by Sheldon H. Jacobson.  The story appeared on-line and in print in numerous outlets, including Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, USAToday, Houston Chronicle, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Daily Herald (Chicago), News Day, Charlotte Observer, Seattle Times, Washington Times, Miami Herald, The Score, Orlando Sentinel, and others.  See also “An Illinois Professor has developed the first ever NCAA women’s Tournament simulator” (21 March 2019, Vinciane Ngomso, Yahoo Sports) and “100 trips through a NCAA women’s bracket simulator” (22 March 2019, Alex Simon, High Post Hoops).

(18 March 2019) “Can analytics help you win your NCAA tournament pool? Don't bet on it” (Michael Weinreb, Yardbarker) quotes Sheldon H. Jacobson on the challenges of picking good brackets.   See also “Heart, loyalty and hunches: How people pick their NCAA brackets.” (Rich Trometta, Northeastern University).


(17 March 2019) Op-ed, Bracketology isn't just for March Madness. It can save lives, save money and solve problems, published by Sheldon H. Jacobson on

(8 March 2019) Resoundingly Human (podcast hosted by Ashley Kilgore, INFORMS) features Sheldon Jacobson discussing the analytics of March Madness.

(29 January 2019) Lower obesity rates linked with public transportation use, study shows (University of Illinois College of Engineering). Also appeared in Medical Xpress, Scienmag, News Medical, Health Medicine Network, Courier Journal, Science Daily, The Asian Age, Business Standard, Deccan Chronicle, The News Wheel, NDTV, Family Health Tale, Med Public Health Management, Tree Hugger, AASHTO Journal, Friends of White Flint, Knowridge Science Report, The Hindu, Fit Society (The Netherlands), About Cancer Service, Pour Quoi Docteur (France), Aponet (Germany), GEO (Germany), Regenbogen (Germany), Today (Italy), Maximitalia (Italy), Beritagar (Indonesia).  See also Could riding the subway help you lose weight? (29 January 2019, New York Post, Kirsten Fleming), Public transportation may help you lose weight but speed of loss is complicated (30 January 2019, Interesting Engineering, Loukia Papadopoulos), Public transportation could affect obesity rates (30 January 2019, Consumer Affairs, Kristen Dalli), Boarding commercial vehicles to work ‘may lower’ obesity rates (30 January 2019, The Cable, Stephen Charles Kenechukwu), Want to lose weight?  Give public transportation a try (30 January 2019, Mobility Lab, Paul Mackie), Wanna shed those calories?  Try this new unheard trick! (30 January 2019, Prokerala, Paul Mackie), The use of public transportation is now directly linked to low obesity rates (31 January 2019, Industry Journal, Aniket Tak), Anyone who travels by Bus or train, remains slim (1 February 2019, Family Health Tale).

(27 January 2019) The High Cost of Self-Inflicted Disease (Health Reform Now) cites Sheldon H. Jacobson’s research on the impact of obesity on automobile fuel consumption.

Last Updated: 29 August 2019