Sheldon H. Jacobson Ph.D.

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


Opinion Essays (Contributed, Invited)

2024 Essays 

455. Jacobson, S.H., 2024, “Trump versus Biden: Is this the best we can do?The Hill. Published 12 April 2024.

454. Jacobson, S.H., 2024, “Will the Supreme Court affirmative action ruling affect where high school seniors attend college? Chicago Tribune, Published 8 April 2024.

453. Jacobson, S.H., 2024, “Will the politics of sports gambling make it the next national ‘addiction” crisis?The Hill. Published 5 April 2024.

452. Jacobson, S.H., 2024, “Lottery culture is overtaking America, but for most, it’s a losing bet.The Hill. Published 27 March 2024.

451. Jacobson, S.H., 2024, “NCAA basketball coaching carousels creates more chaos than calm.” Chicago Tribune, Published 21 March 2024.

450. Jacobson, S.H., 2024, “United Airlines had a bad few weeks --  Should air travelers be worried?The Hill. Published 20 March 2024.

449. Jacobson, S.H., 2024, “The future of airport security is here: Get ready for self-service lanes.The Hill. Published 14 March 2024.

448. Jacobson, S.H., Jokela, J.A., 2024, “Measles is making a comeback.  Should we be concerned?” Chicago Tribune, Published 12 March 2024.

447. Jacobson, S.H., 2024, “Time to change the NCAA selection committee protocol.” Chicago Tribune, Published 9 March 2024.

446. Jacobson, S.H., 2024, “Let’s stop wasting time on the Daylight Saving Time debate.The Hill. Published 8 March 2024.

445. Jacobson, S.H., 2024, “Should court storming by fans in college basketball be banned?” Chicago Tribune, Published 28 February 2024.

444. Jacobson, S.H., 2024, “Why Larry Hogan represents the best of US politics.The Hill. Published 28 February 2024.

443. Jacobson, S.H., 2024, “Senator Cruz thinks there should be a ‘super Precheck’ level of screening for certain people --- he’s right.The Hill. Published 19 February 2024.

442. Jacobson, S.H., 2024, “How do you narrow the field while you date? Try math.” Chicago Tribune, Published 14 February 2024.

441. Jacobson, S.H., 2024 “Putting the peer-review process to the test.The Hill. Published 13 February 2024.

440. Jacobson, S.H., 2024 “This year’s Super Bowl offers something for everyone.Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Published 10 February 2024.

439. Jacobson, S.H., 2024 “Why data analysts like myself are cheering for Brock Purdy to win the Super Bowl.San Francisco Chronicle. Published 8 February 2024.

438. Jacobson, S.H., 2024 “The myth of personal privacy.The Hill. Published 5 February 2024.

437. Jacobson, S.H., 2024 “The problem with primaries.The Hill. Published 29 January 2024.

436. Jacobson, S.H., 2024, “Is air travel in crisis?  Hardly.” Chicago Tribune, Published 25 January 2024.  Also appeared in Mercury News, East Bay Times, Kansas City Star, Miami Herald.

435. Jacobson, S.H., 2024, “Should you be concerned about rise in Covid-19, RSV, and flu cases?” Chicago Tribune, Published 23 January 2024.

434. Jacobson, S.H., 2024, “How blindly ‘following the data ‘can shipwreck the best of ideas.” The Messenger, Published 22 January 2024.

433. Jacobson, S.H., 2024 “Every year there are more firearms found at airports – should you be concerned?The Hill. Published 18 January 2024.

432. Jacobson, S.H., 2024, “How special is your special day?” The Messenger, Published 16 January 2024.

431. Jacobson, S.H., 2024 “The calculus for Democrats is clear – Biden needs to step aside, now.The Hill. Published 9 January 2024.

430. Jacobson, S.H., Jokela, J.A.,2024, “Give yourself a new year gift: Visit the dentist.The Messenger, Published 6 January 2024.

429. Jacobson, S.H., 2024 “When the courts decide state legislative maps, we all lose.The Hill. Published 3 January 2024.

428. Jacobson, S.H., 2024, “NFL division ‘gerrymander’ may place less worthy teams in the post-season.The Messenger, Published 2 January 2024.


2023 Essays 

427. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “Gerrymandering is an enemy to democracy – we need constitutional reform now.” The Hill, Published 19 December 2023.

426. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “An important holiday gift that everyone can consider giving.” Chicago Tribune, Published 18 December 2023.

425. Jacobson, S.H., Jokela, J.A., 2023, “Are weight loss drugs America’s solution?” The Messenger, Published 14 December 2023.

424. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “The TSA is ramping up its use of biometrics for flyers.  Here’s why that’s important.” Chicago Tribune, Published 8 December 2023. Also appeared in News Day (New York).

423. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “During the holidays, soft targets require your attention – and vigilance.” The Hill, Published 7 December 2023.

422. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “Do patient surveys improve or hinder future health care?” The Messenger, Published 7 December 2023.

421. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “Loyalty programs are lucrative for airlines.  What about consumers?” The Messenger, Published 2 December 2023.

420. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “The Traveler Privacy Protection Act is a threat to our national security.” The Hill, Published 1 December 2023.

419. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “Gerrymandering is a crucial litmus test for the presidency.” The Hill, Published 29 November 2023.

418. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “What’s it like to be an average American?” Chicago Tribune, Published 22 November 2023.  Also appeared in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Portland Press Herald, Tampa Bay Times, Pioneer Press, Virginian-Pilot, Daily Press (Newport News, VA).

417. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “The hidden cost of technology transforming nearly all aspects of life.” The Messenger, Published 21 November 2023.

416. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “Why neither Biden nor Trump will the next president.” The Hill, Published 17 November 2023.

415. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “Holding onto language by political force is a recipe for failure.” The Messenger, Published 16 November 2023.

414. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “The future of airport security is facial recognition.” The Hill, Published 9 November 2023.

413. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “Who will win the NCAA Men’s basketball National Championship?  Not who you might think.” The Messenger, Published 8 November 2023.

412. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “Court rulings will fuel more gerrymandering – here’s how.” The Hill, Published 2 November 2023.

411. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “To address mass shootings, first take the fear out of firearms.” The Messenger, Published 2 November 2023.

410. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “It’s time to say goodbye to changing clocks twice a year.” Chicago Tribune, Published 30 October 2023. Also appeared in Minneapolis Star Tribune, Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Portland Press Herald, Press Democrat, Virginia-Pilot, Chattanooga Times Free Press.

409. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “Don’t wait until the next mass shooting event to make gun safety a priority.” The Hill, Published 25 October 2023.

408. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “Rite-Aid bankruptcy highlights the dark side of opioid lawsuits.” The Messenger, Published 22 October 2023.

407. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “When deadlines fail.” The Hill, Published 20 October 2023. 

406. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “In sports, is a culture of excellence an antidote for mediocrity?” The Messenger, Published 16 October 2023.

405. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “Here’s how to change the NHL salary cap for the better.” Chicago Tribune, Published 12 October 2023.

404. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “What is the Democrats’ Plan B for Biden?” The Hill, Published 10 October 2023. 

403. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “What makes for an effective NHL general manager?  Try Kent Hughes’ playbook.” The Messenger, Published 10 October 2023. 

402. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “A House (GOP) divided against itself cannot stand.” The Hill, Published 5 October 2023. 

401. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “What happens if the federal government shuts down?” The Messenger, Published 28 September 2023. 

400. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “The term ‘tripledemic’ is misleading.” Chicago Tribune, Published 27 September 2023.

399. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “Who wins when union workers strike?” The Hill, Published 26 September 2023. 

398. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “AI data grab: How private is your personal information.” The Messenger, Published 26 September 2023. 

397. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “No company is immune from cyberattacks.” The Hill, Published 21 September 2023. 

396. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “Saving money (and our health) by paying for prevention.” The Messenger, Published 19 September 2023. 

395. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “The TSA has a problem.” The Hill, Published 14 September 2023. 

394. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “Watch out for these issues before planning holiday travel.” The Messenger, Published 11 September 2023. 

393. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “How old is too old when it comes to our elected officials?” The Hill, Published 7 September 2023. Mentioned on Yahoo News 360 (“Biden’s 2023 odds look shaky.  Would a different Democrat have a better chance against Trump?”, Mike Bebernes, 8 November 2023).  

392. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “What’s in your backpack?  The weird way we make spending decisions.” The Messenger, Published 6 September 2023. 

391. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “What can be done to limit risks posed by sports betting at colleges?” Chicago Tribune, Published 1 September 2023.

390. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “Is the FAA missing the mark to reduce airplane near-misses?” The Messenger, Published 29 August 2023. 

389. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “Our political process is failing us – and it’s the parties’ fault.” The Hill, Published 29 August 2023. 

388. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “Sick of junk fees? Sneaky hotel charges could be the first to fall.” The Messenger, Published 23 August 2023. 

387. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “UFOs from outer space -- science or science fiction?” The Hill, Published 23 August 2023. 

386. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “The price American industry may pay for remote work.” Chicago Tribune, Published 21 August 2023. Also appeared in Orlando Sentinel, News Day (New York), Pioneer Press, News & Observer, Fort-Worth Star Telegram, Kansas City Star, Charlotte Observer, The State, Miami Herald.

385. Jacobson, S.H., Jokela, J.A., 2023, “Will Covid-19 impact college campuses this fall.” The Messenger, Published 16 August 2023.

384. Jacobson, S.H., Jokela, J.A., 2023, “Our Turn: With return of students comes a certain rise in Covid-19.” Champaign News Gazette, Published 15 August 2023.

383. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “Hawaii wildfires are a reminder: Natural disaster risks are everywhere.” The Hill, Published 15 August 2023.

382. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “Blockbuster trade shines bright light on what’s wrong with the NHL salary cap.” Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Published 11 August 2023.

381. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “PGA Tour playoffs: Championships are only as meaningful as the competition.” The Messenger, Published 10 August 2023.

380. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “Powerball or Mega Million: Which is better for you?” The Hill, Published 7 August 2023.

379. Jacobson, S.H., 2023, “Tech is saving time, money at airports.” Dallas Morning News, Published 7 August 2023.

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