Sheldon Howard Jacobson, Ph.D.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



In the News (2012)

(18 December 2012)  Study: Curbing car travel could be as effective as cutting calories, based on the paper “Quantifying the Association Between Obesity, Automobile Travel, and Caloric Intake,” to appear in Preventive Medicine.  See ABC-2 WBAY, ABC-7 WLS, ABC-7 WZVN, ABC13 WTVG, NBC-32 WMBF, CBS-8 KFMB, WKBW-DT 7, FOX5 WNYW, FOX5 WTTG, FOX10 KSAZ, Business Day Live, US News and World Report, Huffington Post, Consumer Affairs, The Star Ledger, EmpowHer, Smithsonian, Post and Courier, HealthDay News.

(15 November 2012) Study: Cell Phone Bans Associated with Fewer Urban Accidents was covered on WICD-15 ABC, Yahoo! News, Prevention Magazine, and others.

(September/October/November 2012) Election Analytics was covered on FOX Illinois (25 September 2012), Information Week (27 September 2012), All Analytics (3 October 2012), St. Louis Today (16 October 2012), the Daily Kos (27 October 2012), NBC News (30 October 2012),  InsideScience (5 November 2012), Smart Data Collective (6 November 2012), the Champaign News Gazette (7 November 2012), and the Wall Street Journal (7 November 2012)

(10 October 2012) Sheldon H. Jacobson is quoted in the article, “Is Obesity a Heavy Drag on Fuel Economy?”, which appeared in LifesLittleMysteries, Yahoo News,, Mother Nature Network, and

(9 October 2012) Sheldon H. Jacobson is quoted in the article, “'Risk-based management': New program marks Transportation Security Administration anniversary,” which appeared in the Amarillo Globe News.

(24 August 2012) Sheldon H. Jacobson’s research is featured in a radio interview on Science360 radio.


(22 August 2012) The news article “RSO Follows Election Using Professor’s Website,” appeared in the Daily Illini, featuring the Election Analytics website.  See also


(8 May 2012) Sheldon H. Jacobson was quoted in the Reuters news stories, “U.S. airport security could detect Qaeda device: officials” and “Would-be suicide bomber was U.S. informant”.  Over 6000 national and international media outlet reported the story.


(8 May 2012) The news article "Automobiles can increase obesity, study says,” appeared in the Deseret News (Salt Lake City, Utah) on 8 May 2012, featuring research that was reported in Jacobson, King, and Yuan (2011).


(30 April 2012) Sheldon H. Jacobson was quoted in the Reuters news stories, “As America's waistline expands, costs soar.  Over 120 national media outlet picked up the story, including MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News, Huffington Post, Forbes, Baltimore Sun, Chicago Tribune, Orlando Sentinel, Sun Sentinel, Toronto Sun, Edmonton Sun, Winnipeg Sun, Ottawa Sun, Calgary Sun, several public and commercial radio stations, and others.

(April 23, 2012) Sheldon H. Jacobson was quoted in the news stories, “Texting while driving hard to enforce,” reported by WLDS-WEAI News (Jacksonville, IL), and “Illinois Lawmakers Debate New Cell Phone Restrictions,” reported by CBS (KMOX St. Louis).

(April 1, 2012) Sheldon H. Jacobson was quoted in the news article, “Republicans take aim at TSA, agency is inefficient, too expensive,” published in the Daily News Journal (Nashville, TN).

(March 7, 2012) (University of Illinois) A Minute with Computer Science Professor Sheldon H. Jacobson, discusses what every person should know when putting together their bracket for the Men’s Division I NCAA basketball tournament, commonly know as March Madness. (see the web site, bracketodds, for more information).  See also mentions and discussions in the Chicago Tribune: Hoops + = Winners?, Business Week, and Discovery News (via, and the Opinion Letter in USAToday.


(January 31, 2012) (University of Illinois, National Science Foundation) Risk-based Passenger Screening Could Make Air Travel Safer.


(January 19, 2012) (University of Illinois) A Minute with Sheldon H. Jacobson, expert on statistics related to travel, discusses how the recent leveling off of obesity rates may be associated with the leveling off of how much Americans are driving.


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