Sheldon Howard Jacobson Ph.D.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


In the News (2017)


(20 April 2017) Traditional polling methods not adding up (Charlotte Collins, Daily Illini) quotes Sheldon H. Jacobson on the limitations of polling data and what the future may bring in this domain.

(12 April 2017) Letter: How to avoid getting bumped from a flight, appeared in the Chicago Tribune (Voice of the People).

(11 April 2017) United CEO apologizes again; passenger still in hospital as family thanks public (Marni Pyke, Chicago Sun Times) quotes Sheldon H. Jacobson on circumstances under which passengers can be removed from flights.

(9 April 2017) Hawaii’s use of armed private guards at airports draws new scrutiny (Rob Perez, Honolulu Star Advertiser) quotes Sheldon H. Jacobson on the use of armed private security guards at the Honolulu airport.

(21 March 2017) What to know about the new airline electronics bans (CBC News Canada) quotes Sheldon H. Jacobson on the US Department of Homeland Security requirement that large electronic devices be stowed in checked luggage for flights originating in certain countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa.  See also Here’s Why the U.S. Is Banning Larger Electronics on Some Overseas Flights (Katie Reilly, Time),  Why the airline 'electronics ban' may not be discrimination (Patrick Reilly, Christian Science Monitor), Clamping down on carry-on devices (CBC News Canada), and two interviews on BBC World News.


(15 March 2017) Moose and B-Sox talk with Sheldon Jacobson about Bracketodds and the Science behind March Madness (Lazer 103.3, Des Moines, IA).


(14 March 2017) 2017 NCAA Tournament: Stats facts to know to fill out a March Madness bracket (Matt Norlander, CBS Sports) quotes statistics computed at Bracketodds.


(12 March 2017)  March Madness Bracket 2017: Betting Advice, Historical Trends and Predictions (Paul Kasabian, Bleacher Report) features data analysis from Bracketodds. 


(12 March 2017) How to hack your March Madness bracket to win (Samuel Anderson, Best Life) features tips from Bracketodds.


(12 March 2017) For Northwestern, first taste of March Madness will always be the Sweetest (Chicago Tribune) featured data taken from Bracketodds.


(8 March 2017) Obesity’s hefty price tag (Beth Baker, Politico) quotes fuel consumption attributed to obesity, as reported in Jacobson and King (2009).


(7 March 2017) Can data analytics help you fill out a March madness bracket? A Minute with Sheldon H. Jacobson, University of Illinois Professor of Computer Science.


(2 March 2017) Bracket expert: Illini are in (Matt Daniels, Champaign News Gazette).  See also Bracketology: NCAA tournament hopes are still up in the air (8 March 2017, Matt Daniels, Champaign News Gazette). 


(21 February 2017) TSA Investigating Security Breach at JFK Airport (CBS This Morning, New York, NY).  See also Impact of Airport Attacks on Security (WRBL CBS, Columbus, OH).


(13 February 2017) March Madness Bracket Challenge: How Hard is it to Pick a Perfect Bracket? (Janie Harris, features the web site bracketodds.


(1 February 2017) Frequent fliers without PreCheck moving to slow lane: TSA (Mary Wisniewski, Chicago Tribune).


(6 January 2017) How Secure are our Airports? Invited Op-ed, CNN Opinion.  See also Circa News (7 January 2017).


Last Updated: 30 April 2017